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It takes years to master the art of concrete paving. 

We have 20 years experience under our belt, so you can be assured that your project is in good hands.


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 We work with you to get your project done right the first time.


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We take pride in the high quality of our work.

As a result, our reputation is second to none.

We complete projects for many repeat customers.

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Each quotation is open for acceptance, for a period of 30 days.
For site unseen quotations, please be aware that this is an estimated price only.
Payment is required in full on the day of completion.
Please refer to our full terms & conditions (below) before entering into a job contract.


1.  For the purposes of these terms & conditions, Endless Paths Industries Pty Ltd, shall herein
be referred to as “The Company”.

2. For the purposes of these terms & conditions, “The Customer” is named as the person(s) who have provided agreement to these terms & conditions and all persons associated with any business, company or trust arrangement to the named person(s).

3. Company (Endless Paths Industries Pty Ltd) and the Customer enters into an agreement to provide works at the specified location.  Upon receipt of this quotation, the Customer agrees to
all terms and conditions herewith set out.

4. A signed copy should be returned to Company (Endless Paths Industries Pty Ltd) prior to
the commencement of any works.

5. As part of these Terms and Conditions, the Customer has the responsibility for the following:

Site: Must be at all times equipped with power.

Excavation: Additional cost for excavation may be incurred in instances where rocks are found.  Detailed excavation eg: footings & foundations do NOT include Site Cut or Bulk Excavation.

Site Set-out/Surveying: No allowance is provided for site set-out.  Surveying set-out for footings and grid lines for columns, walls, lift shaft etc. are the Customer’s responsibility.  Surveying points and grid lines are mandatory requirements must be pre-determined and marked prior to commencement of any works.

Spoil & Building Materials Waste: Any excavation spoil or building materials waste will be stock piled on site or placed in skip bin provided on site.

Inspections: All building or concrete work inspections and any associated costs are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Safety Scaffolding / Safety Hand Railing: Where necessary or required by law will be the responsibility of the Customer unless otherwise agreed.

6. No responsibility or liability will be taken by the Company (Endless Paths Industries Pty Ltd) and/or employee’s and sub-contractor’s, due to any property damage due to delivery, supply
or placement of concrete or formwork.

7. Any materials paid for and supplied by the Company (Endless Paths Industries Pty Ltd) and
sub-contractor’s will be included in total cost and is not negotiable by the Customer once materials have been supplied.

8. Once works have commenced, no responsibility or liability will be taken by the Company and/or employee’s and sub-contractor’s due to delays or changes caused by the Customer, third parties, weather, materials supplied, labour supplied, strikes, lock outs, Act’s of God, risk of loss or damage, suits and actions, or any other circumstances beyond our control.

9. No responsibility or liability will be taken by the Company (Endless Paths Industries Pty Ltd)
and employees and sub-contractor’s due to random defects in concrete or formwork, after each section has been completed.

10.  Full payment must be made strictly on the day of completion.  If payment is not received within this time frame, the Company (Endless Paths Industries Pty Ltd) reserves the right to charge interest at a daily rate of 12% per annum on any overdue balances until all outstanding monies have been paid.

11.  If completion of works is affected any clause already stated, at the Company’s request,
the Customer must forward full payment for works already completed.  The Company (Endless Paths Industries Pty Ltd) reserves the right to refuse to continue works in this instance. 
Although if further works are required and details are provided in writing by the Customer, then
the Company (Endless Paths Industries Pty Ltd) will make reasonable efforts to complete these works, time permitting.

12. All materials & associated goods remain the legal sole property of the Company until all outstanding monies have been paid by the Customer. 

13. The Company reserves the right to repossess or recover any materials & associated goods
if payment has been withheld by the Customer.

14. By entering into the agreement, the Customer acknowledges that they are in the financial position to fulfill the legal obligation of payment for above mentioned works. 

15. The Customer, hereby indemnify the Company from loss or damage caused by the Customer going into liquidation or filing for bankruptcy.  If liquidation or bankruptcy takes place, then all outstanding monies owed to the Company will be required to be paid immediately by the
appointed trustee or liquidator.

 16. The Customer must not destroy or alter the documentation provided herewith or any subsequent documentation relating to these work.